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Fruit and vegetables

Local products that are obtained with the utmost consideration for nature, following organic farming principles. Our seasonal first fruits and vegetables make your dishes as fragrant as the field, with a more natural flavour!


Kefir is a milk-based drink, with a fresh, slightly acidic flavour and a sweet aroma. Drinking kefir on a daily basis as part of a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle can help balance your gut flora. 

Plant-based gastronomy

Tasty specialities that are ready in just a few minutes: perfect for aperitifs, or as a main course when paired with vegetables or sauces. Made with organically farmed ingredients, the ready meals are healthy specialities created using only vegetables, tofu and seitan. 


Fresh organic fish, farmed using methods that respect the environment, the animals and the consumer. 100% natural, from farming to processing. 

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