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Plant-based Gastronomy

Plant-based Gastronomy

These organic breaded specialities with a seitan base are both light and tasty, so you don’t have to compromise on the delight of an appetising traditional cutlet. Free from animal fats and cholesterol, they are easy to digest, perfect for a balanced diet that is rich in vegetable proteins: a real helping hand for your muscles, bones, skin and blood. The Mini cutlets can be prepared in 5 minutes in a frying pan, oven or microwave. Shelf life: 50 days

Organic, plant-based and rich in proteins, natural tofu is a perfect accompaniment for numerous recipes: simply flavoured with spices and your favourite condiments, crumbled or diced for ragù and stews, blended with other ingredients as a base for sauces, mousses and sweet and savoury custards, or served au naturel in fresh salads.
It can be used as a great plant-based alternative to cheese and all those products that use animal rennets, so you can enjoy healthy and tasty dishes. Shelf life: 45 days

A natural flavouring and seasoning that can be used as a viable alternative to salt. Rich in fibre and a source of protein. Contains toasted sesame, a wholesome seed with decent calcium, protein and vitamin content (A, B1, B2, B6, E, D, PP). It also contains pure and unrefined pink Himalayan salt, which is rich in minerals. A high-quality product, thanks to Almaverde Bio’s selection of raw materials which comply with organic farming practises. Ideal for dressing salads as well as cooked and raw vegetables. 100g in a handy, flexible and resealable bag.
The next two products are indulgent breaded snacks which you can heat up and enjoy as an aperitif, appetiser or light main course. Perfect with vegetables, for both the young and old, and doesn’t compromise on taste.

100% plant-based, free from soya and with a hint of the east thanks to the turmeric. A mix of turmeric and sunflower seeds, a spice and oil seed that are known as “superfoods” for their various benefits. Comes in a 160g recyclable packet.

The sweet after-taste of pumpkin and carrot, and that orange colour which appeals even to little ones. The vegetable base of the Rollini is what gives them their orange colour and contains beta-Carotene, a substance with powerful anti-oxidant and pro-vitamin properties. Free from soya. Their size means they are perfect for eating with your fingers, for a healthy and flavoursome meal. Comes in a 160g recyclable packet.

The producer

Natura Nuova is a Romagna-based company, founded in 1994 with the aim of enhancing locally-grown fruit by creating fresh, ready-to-eat fruit purées, which are processed using innovative technology that guarantees maximum food safety, respect for the product and for the environment.

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