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Molino Spadoni, the all-time experts in flour and much more

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Molino Spadoni is now the benchmark in the market for special flours (over 32% market share in Italy) and mixes for household and professional use, both for the food service industry and large-scale retail, with a brand presence in 86% of Italian sales outlets. Its production is spread over 14 company-owned plants with 180 employees, accompanied by a network of commercial agents and distributors. Molino Spadoni exports to more than 30 countries, mainly France, Spain, Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Israel, Australia, Japan and the United States. Since 1921, over the course of three generations – starting with Livio Spadoni, then Libero and now Leonardo – the Romagna-based company has met with success in the food market, as it has interpreted modern consumers’ new dietary habits and needs, thus implementing a diversification policy. Thanks to significant investments, the Group now is present not only in the organic and gluten-free sectors, with flours, mixes and shelf-stable baked goods, but also in the frozen baked goods and gastronomy sector, with cheeses and Romagna Mora cold cuts and meats, bearing the Officine Gastronomiche Spadoni brand. Passing on authentic flavours and keeping alive the traditional local cuisine, Leonardo Spadoni branded spirits and vinegars are also produced, along with a line of craft beers.  Thanks to investments in controlled automation processes, Molino Spadoni ensures consistent results and quality, usability and excellent yields. All of this can only be achieved by controlling the entire processing cycle, from selecting the raw material, to processing it into flour, before finally creating doughs and finished products. Molino Spadoni has always been considered an interpreter of Italian gastronomic culture. This is why it devotes considerable resources to organising numerous initiatives and intense professional training programmes for operators and young people, with the aim of sharing its historical expertise and contributing to the growth of product knowledge, all the while making the most of raw materials and encouraging catering professionals to get creative.  With a consolidated turnover of 51 million euros, Molino Spadoni is a company that is historic yet cutting-edge at its heart, as it pays close attention to contemporary needs, tastes and the consumers’ passion for genuine products.  The parent company and the historic mill, dating back to 1445, are located in Coccolia, in the province of Ravenna. In addition to these are production sites for each product category, a Mora Romagnola farm, spanning over 90 hectares, and the “Casa Spadoni” restaurants


Via Ravegnana, 746
48125 Coccolia (RA)
Tel. +39.0544.569056
Fax. +39.0544.569119
E. +39.0544.569008

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