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Type “1” and “2” soft wheat flour

Type “1” and “2” soft wheat flour

The type “1” and “2” soft wheat flours are stone-ground, in order to better preserve the grain’s nutrients. They are pure and homogeneous, free from preservatives, colourings, additives or processing aids. They have been designed to obtain the best results in the field of bread-making, for making common breads (such as home-made bread, Tuscan bread, hard dough bread, etc.), traditional pizza and focaccias (whose dough can rise in 4-8 hours), biscuits and various cakes, Romagna piadinas and any other product that doesn’t require lengthy leavening.

    W = 160-240 (+/- 5%): comes in a 1kg bag.

The producer

Molino Spadoni is now the benchmark in the market for special flours and mixes for household and professional use, both for the Food Service industry and large-scale retail. The company offers a full range of products: flours, special flours (for specific purposes, such as pasta, sweet treats, pizzas, etc.), and ready-made products, suitable for mo

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