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Wellbeing tips

Organic mums


Child’s play

From an early age, a proper diet should be accompanied by a good dose of motor activity. Movement isn’t just for sport, but a way for our little ones to express themselves. For example, it is through play that children explore the world and relate to people and objects by becoming aware of their actions. 


Snack time

Rather than a healthy nibble, our children often prefer little snacks that are overly high in fats and sugars. As parents, we should be the first to set a good example, and we can do so with a few simple tricks: make up a fruit basket and place it on full show in the middle of the table, to tempt them to eat from it. Then, when it’s snack time, we can eat a piece of fruit with our kids, to demonstrate a good eating habit. 


Our example

Our little ones view us as a role model. But what happens if we have bad eating habits that reflect back in our children’s behaviour? A healthy lifestyle, paying attention to what we eat and to our physical movement, really teaches them a lot. We can encourage eating fruit and vegetables with a simple game: have them close their eyes so they can use their sense of taste, touch and smell to guess which fruit they are eating.


A coded message for our children: 5210

A simple formula for health that never fails. Let’s decipher the code: 5, the number of daily fruit and vegetables portions recommended for children. Try to give them fresh, seasonal products. For a 100% organic snack, Frutta Fresca Pronta is ideal as it comes already washed, peeled, cut and ready to eat, thanks to the handy little fork in the packet. 

The second number: 2, the number of hours a day they should play outside. For example, taking your children out for long walks, organising activities outside the home with your children’s friends and, when we give presents, choosing toys that require movement, such as a ball, a tricycle or a bike. 

The third number in the code: 1, the maximum number of hours a day they should spend in front of screens. Avoid TV and video games while eating. This helps them better savour their meals. You can also choose programmes to watch together with your children and suggest alternative activities, such as listening to music and reading, to stimulate their interests.

The last number in the code: 0, the recommended number of sugary drinks. It is important that children are brought up with a limited amount of such drinks from an early age. For example, just provide water at the table. Or, as an alternative snack, offer Almaverde Bio Frullati di Frutta smoothies, made of 100% organic fruit, which is blended and freshly-squeezed without additives or added sugars. 


Good habits

Some little tricks can help us encourage our children to have proper eating habits. Try to reduce how often you eat out and, whenever possible, eat together as a family at regular times, with the TV off. Put healthy food on the table that is visually stimulating for our little ones, in terms of shapes and colours.

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