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Almaverde Bio was founded in Italy as part of Apofruit Italia, a cooperative company that brings together over 4000 farmers from across Italy. It has always had an organic focus: in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s it had already begun to market products for the industry and for fresh consumption for some foreign operators.

Out of Apofruit’s expertise came the need to develop the organic sector and to expand the range beyond fruit and vegetables, creating a selection of organic food products. 

About us

In the year 2000 the Almaverde Bio Italia Consortium Company was created, which later became the Almaverde Bio Italia SRL Consortium Company. Recognised as the first organic brand in Italy, today Almaverde Bio brings together 8 Italian agribusiness companies that share the same production values and connection with their local area, as well as a proven track record in the organic sector.

The product range is broad, suitable for all sales channels, and is divided into: fresh, frozen and shelf-stable. Each company is responsible for a category of products: Canova for fresh fruit and vegetables; Circeo Pesca for fish; Fruttagel for frozen vegetables, passata sauces and teas; Natura Nova for plant-based dishes; Besana for dried fruit and nuts; Eurovo for eggs; Molino Spadoni for flours and derivatives, and Almaverde Bio Ambiente for shelf-stable products such as sauces, pesto, olives and coffee. 


A group of companies united by their passion and love for their land, that stand out for their direct relationship with their producers, a relationship that is based on trust. This is what allows us to refine the production systems and techniques and to maintain strict control over quality standards. 

The Consortium Company also has the task of developing communication strategies and brand promotion. This is done by investing the resources provided by the member companies, who are the sole licensees that may use the brand for their own product sector. They carry out their own promotion and work together to develop the market.

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