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Almaverde Bio Ambiente is the largest aggregate company in the Italian organic sector in terms of its distribution of organic food in the shelf-stable category; that is, food products that do not need to be preserved in controlled / chilled temperatures. Created in 2015, it has developed a highly extensive range that covers all goods sectors and all sales channels, in order to meet various daily food requirements. 

Extensive attention and investments go into research and innovation, in order to create intelligent products with balanced formulas and high-quality raw materials, always favouring Italian organic produce. We are very careful to observe certain important health trends (gluten-free, no added sugar, vegetarian, etc.) and offer packaging with reduced environmental impact.

Almaverde Bio Ambiente is made up of companies that belong to Italy’s famous food tradition, known throughout the world for their high-quality organic production chain. With the cooperation of other carefully selected producers, the Almaverde Bio Ambiente project continues to grow every day. This includes Fruttagel, a leading company specialised in producing frozen fruit and vegetables, tomato derivatives, plant-based drinks and fruit juices, and Besana, the largest company in the production and processing of dried fruit, nuts and oil seeds. 

An Almaverde Bio Ambiente logistics platform and dedicated and specialised sales network is ready to create custom projects with clients, for genuinely all-organic shop islands in retail settings. 

The Almaverde Bio Ambiente products include: fruit-based drinks and nectars in cartons and glass bottles; dried fruit, nuts and oil seeds in snack and family sizes; still beverages, coffee and substitutes; chopped tomatoes and passata sauces in glass containers and Tetra Recart® cartons; olives, marinated and pickled products and vinegars; pesto and sauces; canned legumes.


Via Nullo Baldini, 26
48011 Alfonsine (RA)
Tel. +39.0544 568498
Fax. +39.0544 1795131

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