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Fresh tinned legumes

Fresh tinned legumes

100% Italian and sourced from a controlled supply chain, our legumes are grown in Emilia-Romagna using untreated seeds and fertilisers that are approved for organic farming. The legumes are processed whilst fresh and raw, canned as soon as they are harvested and steamed with the sole addition of sea salt. This production method, which works with the fresh, raw ingredient, guarantees a firm and compact product, as tasty as if it were fresh. 

  •  Tinned sweetcorn: 160g. 
  •  Edamame soybeans: 200g.

Cooking instructions: rinse thoroughly with running water and enjoy them with delicious recipes.

  • Borlotti Beans, Chickpeas: 400g. 
  • Peas: 340g.

We recommend you consume the beans along with the liquid they are preserved in, so you can taste the full flavour and keep all their sensory qualities intact.
Packed in BPA NI tin (bisphenol A is unintentional).

The producer

Natura Nuova, Fruttagel and Besana Group’s dedication has lead to the founding of Almaverde Bio Ambiente within the corporate structure of Almaverde Bio Italia. It is responsible for marketing, supply, promoting research and developing Almaverde Bio products that fall under the so-called “environment” categories, whilst ensuring the producers’ dire

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