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Marinated and pickled products

Marinated and pickled products

  • Sliced artichokes in oil: sliced medium-sized Apulian artichokes, hand-picked and processed whilst fresh, seasoned with spices and preserved in oil.
  • Sun dried tomatoes in oil: sun dried Apulian tomatoes, hand-picked and enhanced with spices and capers. Preserved in oil.
  • Gherkins in apple cider vinegar: crunchy Apulian gherkins, hand-picked. Preserved in apple cider vinegar, with no added sugar.

Comes in a 290g glass jar with a BPA Ni (free from bisphenol traces) seal.

  • Capers in vinegar: dried capers preserved in wine vinegar. Comes in a 100g glass jar with a BPA Ni (free from bisphenol traces) seal.   

The producer

Fruttagel is a cooperative which specialises in industrially processing fresh fruits and vegetables, grains and legumes to create finished products that are used by retail, food service, door-to-door and food industry operators.

Our product lines

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