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  • Arborio Rice: known for its large and full-bodied grains, it is delightfully al dente when cooked. As the outer surface is first penetrated by the heat, the inner core of the grain remains rich in starch. It is particularly suitable for creamy risottos and can also be used in timbale dishes. Cooking time: 14/16 minutes.
  • Whole-grain Baldo Rice: this rice has a solid grain that can withstand any cooking method, and is a highly versatile choice for more sophisticated dishes. Great for traditional risottos and salads. The whole-grain version offers a valuable daily source of fibre. Cooking time: 35/40 minutes.
  • Carnaroli Rice: this flour has a large grain and can blend well with ingredients in the most imaginative dishes, heightening the flavours. It is recommended for making perfect risottos, timbale dishes and salads. It is known for holding its shape whilst being cooked, making it extremely versatile and an excellent rice for special occasions. Cooking time: 14/16 minutes.
  • Venere Rice: aromatic and fragrant, this rice will appeal to your palate, nose, taste buds and even your eyes, thanks to its decorative qualities. This whole-grain rice, which is also delicious with just a drizzle of oil, is perfect for making delectable dishes such as risottos, rice salads, as well as fish and delicate meat courses, sweet treats, cakes, biscuits and as an ingredient in other products such as bread, polenta and roulades. Cooking time: 35/40 minutes.

Comes in a 1kg bag.

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Molino Spadoni is now the benchmark in the market for special flours and mixes for household and professional use, both for the Food Service industry and large-scale retail. The company offers a full range of products: flours, special flours (for specific purposes, such as pasta, sweet treats, pizzas, etc.), and ready-made products, suitable for mo

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