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Organic fresh fish

Organic fresh fish

A selection of organic fish, already cleaned and ready to cook, farmed in compliance with organic product regulations: 

    low-density farming systems, based on the various species;
    growth conforms to biological cycles;
    sufficient space to maintain the animals’ well-being;
    fish are free to roam in controlled water with ideal light, temperature and oxygenation;
    fed with certified feed, consisting of organically farmed raw materials;
    no use of preventive antibiotics, chemical substances or synthetically-produced hormones, favouring homoeopathic veterinary treatments;
    microbiological checks on heavy metals, pesticides and environmental pollutants. 

Fillet of Gilthead Bream, Fillet of Sea Bass, Fillet of Rainbow Trout, Sea Bass, Rainbow Trout, Italian-style Sea Bass, Mediterranean-style Gilthead Bream, Woodcutter’s Rainbow Trout: 330g pack.
Shelf life: 6+1days

The producer

Licensee of the Almaverde Bio brand for the fish and fresh and frozen fish products sector, this company also specialises in ready-to-eat products, which you can either cook or enjoy fresh. The passion, experience and innovation of this company has meant that it is now a partner and supplier for important chains belonging to the Grande Distribuzion

Our product lines

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