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Source of vitamin B12 and calcium, gluten-free, free from preservatives, 100% natural: kefir is made from fermenting milk and is rich in live lactic cultures which make it easier to digest the product’s lactose content. 

  • Milk kefir in a 500ml bottle. A traditional, flavourful liquid product. 
  • Creamy kefir in a handy 150g tub. Also comes in blueberry and vanilla flavour. An original product that brings together the benefits of kefir with a creamy consistency, as well as the joy of eating from the fun little bucket. 

The producer

Natura Nuova, Fruttagel and Besana Group’s dedication has lead to the founding of Almaverde Bio Ambiente within the corporate structure of Almaverde Bio Italia. It is responsible for marketing, supply, promoting research and developing Almaverde Bio products that fall under the so-called “environment” categories, whilst ensuring the producers’ dire

Our product lines

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