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Snack size dried fruit

Snack size dried fruit

Available in the 30g snack size – in Euroslot packaging – naturally gluten-free:

  • Detox Mix (shelled almonds, cranberries, shelled cashews)
  • Mix with sultanas (shelled hazelnuts, shelled almonds, shelled walnuts, sultanas, shelled cashews)
  • Omega mix (shelled almonds, shelled cashews, shelled hazelnuts, shelled walnuts)
  • Tropical Mix (mango pieces, sliced coconut, shelled cashews)

Each mix includes cashews, a nut that contains a high percentage of magnesium, helping to keep your bones healthy and reducing tiredness and fatigue.

  • 100% Italian shelled almonds: almonds contain minerals (magnesium, potassium and iron) as well as vitamins A, B and E. They also have the highest fibre content of all nuts.
  • 100% Italian shelled pine nuts: pine nuts are rich in vitamins, mineral salts and fibre.

The producer

Since 1921, Besana has been one of the most important businesses in Europe for producing, processing and marketing nuts, dried fruit, seeds and chocolate. Today, it boasts a number of factories, business offices, farms and plants in Italy and abroad.

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