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Fresh fruit purées

Fresh fruit purées

The Almaverde Bio pear purée and apple purée make a tasty fresh organic fruit snack. They are ready to be eaten and have been processed using a unique and innovative technology in the food industry: cold extraction. The fruit is blended only after being washed, selected, peeled and cored. Cold extraction guarantees and preserves the fruit’s flavour, natural qualities and nutrients. It also ensures the traceability of the production process and the quality of the products. A healthy and natural snack, free from preservatives and added sugars.
The Almaverde Bio fresh fruit purées are packaged in 100g fully-recyclable aluminium trays. They are so convenient, you can take them with you anywhere, any time.

The producer

Natura Nuova is a Romagna-based company, founded in 1994 with the aim of enhancing locally-grown fruit by creating fresh, ready-to-eat fruit purées, which are processed using innovative technology that guarantees maximum food safety, respect for the product and for the environment.

Our product lines

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