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Our fresh Class A eggs, laid by hens that are reared outdoors in wide and grassy spaces, where they are fed with plant-based, organically farmed products. The entire production chain, from rearing, to selecting the eggs, to packaging, is checked and certified by the Bologna CCPB (Control Consortium for Organic Products).
Each egg also has its own identification code on the shell displaying the laying system, country of production, the identification code for the municipality of production, the province of production, the name of the place where the hen laid the egg, and the expiry date.
Entirely compostable wood pulp packaging.

The producer

Eurovo Group has been operating for over 50 years and is now the biggest European company of its sector. The company benefits from full vertical integration, as it directly controls and manages each production and processing stage for its products. These stages are rigorously coordinated by highly-qualified technicians on a continual basis.

Our product lines

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