Wellbeing - 5 portions a day

Take care of your health with 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day.

The “5-a-day” campaign is a scientific programme pioneered in the USA in 1989 by the National Cancer Institute. The idea is very simple: to eat at least 5 portions per day of fruit and vegetables (between 500 and 800 grams in total), to make sure the organism receives all the vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre it needs.

Why is it so important to eat fruit and vegetables at least 5 times a day?

Looking at charts that show the content of the various nutrients found in a single portion of different foods, in decreasing order, many of us might be surprised to see that the first places are often occupied by foods of animal origin, and not by fruit and vegetables. Most people believe in fact that certain vital nutritional substances, like vitamins, can be found only in fruit and vegetables! In reality, even foods of animal origin can be a source of vitamins and minerals, and for some of these, like Vitamin PP in particular, the best sources are actually meat and fish. So why do experts recommend eating fruit and vegetables 5 times a day?

To understand this, we need to remember that every food is a mosaic of nutrients. There are no good foods or bad foods, because in absolute terms there are no good nutrients and no bad ones, but only nutritional substances that should be consumed only in limited quantities.